At Horn Aylward & Bandy, LLC, the defense of catastrophic trucking accident lawsuits is difficult given the typical severity of the injuries suffered, the heavy regulation of the industry and the general dislike of truck drivers and their tractor-trailer rigs when encountered by the public on the highways or in the courtroom. Having defended the nation's largest trucking companies and their insurance carriers, we have developed the contacts and skills necessary to successfully resolve these challenging cases.

Our practical experience in handling these cases through trial coupled with our long history of leadership and involvement in national organizations supporting the industry places us in a position where we are ready to assist at a moments notice. Time is often of the essence in establishing the foundation necessary to properly defend these cases. We have coordinated the post-accident investigation of numerous accidents within hours of their occurrence to properly reconstruct the event and preserve the evidence needed to provide a positive outcome.

Through our experience we have a thorough understanding of the trucking industry and the relationships with technical experts from accident reconstruction, brake dynamics and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to meet the needs of our clients and confront the challenges presented by these factually complex, emotionally charged and legally significant cases.

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