At Horn Aylward & Bandy, LLC, we recognize that the extensive federal and state regulation or the nursing home/long-term care industry is second only to nuclear energy facilities. That regulatory framework, coupled with a rapidly aging population and shrinking monetary sources for the funding of long term care, has created a difficult situation for nursing home owners and operators from small local homes to the national long term care providers hit hard by a rash of bankruptcies and financial impact.

Our lawyers have been on the cutting edge of defending nursing homes for more than 20 years. Our experience spans all aspects of the operation of long term care/skilled nursing facilities, involving administrative representation of nursing home administrators before state licensing boards, assistance in responding to potential criminal investigations of abuse or other felonious activities by state attorney general offices or local law enforcement, the defense of malpractice and wrongful death claims due to decubitus ulcers, elopement, malnutrition, neglect and premises liability.

The vast technical and practical experience our team of attorneys have gained through years of aggressively defending these cases can assist the owner/operators of nursing homes - large and small - from the early investigation of incidents that may result in claims or lawsuits to the aggressive defense of these matters through the increasing enforcement of valid arbitration provisions to more traditional litigation of these emotional and complex cases.

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