State and Federal Government Practice and Litigation

Horn Aylward and Bandy LLC is continuing to expand its presence, both regionally and nationally in the Government Practice and Litigation arena. Effective public law representation requires a combination of special legal knowledge and judgment as well as an ability to operate in the public policy process. These skills are applicable whether representing local or state governments, state officials, or unique governmental agencies.

Our Government Practice group embodies and deploys all these necessary attributes. We not only serve as outside counsel on behalf of state Attorneys General and state agencies in complex litigation matters but we likewise collaborate with our state clients to assist in legislative affairs, draft and strategize concerning legislation, mitigate the risks of lawsuits and claims, and resolve disputes strategically and efficiently as they play out in public forums. We make use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms, including straightforward negotiations, mediation and arbitration proceedings, and third-party neutral advisors, saving clients time and resources. Nevertheless, we have experience litigating before the US Court of Federal Claims, and the US. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, as well as a variety of state courts and Federal District courts as matters warrant.

Currently, HAB and its lead lawyer, J. Brett Milbourn, are heading up the United States Savings Bond Litigation seeking the return of billions of dollars in unclaimed and abandoned US savings bond proceeds to various states and their citizens by way of title based escheat. In these first of their kind cases, Mr. Milbourn has led a national team representing the states of Kansas, South Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Iowa and others, obtaining multiple state court judgments naming the States as owner of proceeds of long-matured abandoned, lost and/or stolen U.S. savings and bonds. The value of these judgments are over four billion dollars. Litigation is now ongoing with the US Treasury in the Court of Federal Claims and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit for the collection of the bond proceeds.

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