The firm’s Estate and Tax Planning and Administration practice includes the creation, protection and disposition of a client’s assets, during life, upon, and after death, in accordance with the client’s desires, taking into account the tax and the client’s individual family dynamics. The other areas of the firm’s practice encompass providing advice with respect to donations, wills, trusts, life insurance, business arrangements and agreements, income and transfer taxes, the estate planning aspects of qualified and non-qualified plans and deferred compensation agreements, and other estate planning matters; including the preparation of simple and complex wills (which may include provisions for testamentary trusts, marital deductions and elections), donations, revocable and irrevocable inter vivos trusts (including trusts for minors and charitable trusts), business planning agreements (including buy-sell and other shareholder agreements), powers of attorney, and other estate planning instruments. Estate planning and administration also includes advising clients and handling matters with respect to the administration of estates, trusts, the probate of wills, determination of heirship, will contest and interpretation suits, and other proceedings related to the disposition of assets of a decedent or minor. It also includes the preparation and review of United States estate tax and generation skipping transfer tax returns, applicable state inheritance and estate transfer tax returns, federal and applicable state gift tax returns, and legal representation before the state and federal tax authorities with regard to such tax returns and related controversies.

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