The lawyers at Horn Aylward & Bandy, LLC are trial attorneys with extensive civil trial experience in federal and state courts both locally (Kansas and Missouri) and in various jurisdictions throughout the country. We have represented clients in all types of civil litigation ranging from nationwide class action lawsuits to complex arbitration matters to premises liability and personal injury lawsuits and more.

Our relationships with our clients are strong and founded on the principles of loyalty and partnership. We provide a level of communication and responsiveness that is absent at many law firms. Cases are generally staffed with a team that includes a partner, an associate and a paralegal. This allows us to be available and responsive to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on sparing no effort to not just meet, but to exceed our clients' needs and expectations, within the necessary timeframes and budget constraints.

Our experience with handling personal injury lawsuits from the perspective of both individuals injured by negligence and those accused of such negligence gives us a unique perspective and tremendous insight into the effective pursuit of these claims.

Although we approach each case with the thought of trial in mind, we utilize our experience and skill in trying cases to make an early evaluation of each case to provide the information necessary to formulate an appropriate plan of action for each lawsuit, knowing that the vast majority of disputes will be resolved short of trial. We possess the good judgment to know when cases should be resolved consistent with the best interests of our clients and the ability to do so effectively through dispositive motions, direct negotiations or the application of our advocacy skills in mediations or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

We handle a wide variety of litigation matters and by clicking on the practice areas of business and commercial litigation, general insurance litigation, class action/multi-district litigation, professional liability litigation, medical malpractice litigation, nursing home litigation, product liability litigation, trucking litigation and employment litigation you will get a better idea of what we do and who to contact. If you have a litigation need, just call us. We will be happy to talk to you and give you an honest evaluation of our ability to help you.